A New Found Instagrammable Place at Camiguin Island

I have known the island of Camiguin for its ivory-white sand beaches, majestic falls, hot and cold springs, sanctuary and holy places to reminisce, active volcanoes and mountains so high… A perfect escape to the city buzz and hustle. Nothing but pure Isla life. Among the many things that keep me from coming back to this island is that Camiguin gives you the feeling of home. Cool winds, fresh new air, amazing people, beaches that seems like paradise, adventures and[Read more]

What’s My Go-To Sandals?

Good shoes takes you to good places   That’s a famous quote we often hear… And I believe that it has always been proven right.  Shoes make and can break an outfit. You can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants but you add those sleek shoes then you’re done. Or you can wear something chic and casual then you pair it with mandals still make a fashion statement. As a fashion-guru wearing the right pair of shoes is a[Read more]

LIFE UPDATE: 3 Life Changes I’m Currently Working On

Lately, I’ve been contemplating so much about how I could put my messed-up self back together. There’s really a lot of things that keep on bugging me day and night, and I think I just couldn’t live through that. So to help myself out, I said, If I really want to get to the best version of what I wanted myself to be, I need to get some serious changes, and that’s what I ought to do. Change is inevitable, that’s[Read more]

Tips on Buying a New or Used Car

Sponsored post. In life, many major decisions need to be planned properly. Some decisions need to have good savings. One of the major purchases that should be planned is buying a car. You know that this is not cheap especially when you will buy a brand new unit. And thus, you need to do these few simple steps: RESEARCH and COMPARE. Yes, that is so simple as you can find tons of information over the internet these days. But wait,[Read more]

Express Yourself with Your Wig Choices

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. It is winter time, and that means you have to enjoy the cold days. With that, you got to have extra protection and bundle yourself to stay warm. Wearing comfortable winter clothes, hats, gloves, and boots can help you stay warm whenever you are out working, shopping, or just simply doing errands. You can also wear extra protection for your hair by using wigs. Yes, any style of wig can help[Read more]