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Recently this year I have posted a story about Fashion Factory on my blog- A shop who displays at Bur-geon Concept. (Click here) This summer, I have been able to collaborate with the brand and styled two spring-inspired outfits.

Channeling my inner love for spring inspired outfits for someone who’s dreamy about Spring. When Spring comes, during April you will see more rain showers, and during May the flowers will start to bloom. Which always makes me think, who doesn’t love the Spring?

Also, my favorite bloggers Vern and Verniece also posted their outfit ideas about the spring season, which made much for inspiration for me to pull this off.

But the only thing is that, since there’s only two seasons in the Philippines excluding Spring, I haven’t been able to shoot for a Spring-like place. So what I did, because SM CDO Downtown Premier opened last week and there have been a lot of invites including fashion brands which is also into Spring collection, I made sure that I am also into the season. So there my favorite brand, Fashion Factory made me went down the ramp with my Spring inspired outfits!

1. Florals and Flowy Tops

It’s time for florals again! I love how this 90ish vibe pants from Fashion Factory is just so so stylish with its floral prints. I think it was love at first sight the moment I get a glimpsed of this pants I just couldn’t get off my eyes of it- and what more, its perfect for Spring specially when you’re out for a fancy date or in my case, to a formal event.

Top it off with a flowy sexy top. And plain tops just compliment this look!

2. Stripes and Pleats

I’m saying this again “stripes never gets bore”. I love the simplicity of this look, which is not also bad if you pair it with flats. I think this would have been perfect if you’re going for a picnic, or a stroll at the park.

More of this looks here!

May 11 – FOREVER21 SM CDO Downtown Premier VIP Shopping

May 12, SM CDO Downtown Premier Grand Opening

These are just two of so many picks you can choose from Fashion Factory; from kids’, mens’, accessories & and bags’, and to ladies’ wear. The brand just stored everything you fashionably need. They also just loaded a few stocks this Month so make sure you visit them at Bur-geon Concept, both in Ayala and Centrio. If you haven’t read my previous review about the brand click here.

Thank you Fashion Factory for another satisfied shopping experience! Thinking what look should I sport next season, any suggestions? Leave it a comment below! *wink*

What I Am Wearing

Outfit # 1 : Top and Bottoms : Fashion Factory

Shoes : Tutumshop

Bag : Jastap Shoppe

Outfit # 2 : Top and Bottoms : Fashion Factory

Shoes : Forever21

Bag : Miniso

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