Five Reasons Why I love Staying In 1A Express Hotel

A two-month summer break wouldn’t have been complete without a staycation somewhere in or out of the city- as for me, staying out from the comfort of home even just for a day or two, made me feel like I am actually being independent. Specially for my nineteen year old self, I dreamed of sleeping on whatever time of the day, work my a*s off, no internet curfew, and no waking up at as early as 7:00 am.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t me rebelling, I love home, I love waking up to the sound of my brother’s youtube videos on cars, or the smell of my mom’s home cooking. But one thing is surreal, we just want a day off, not from mom’s zilla voice but of personal emotional disturbance. *Smiling*

And earlier this month, I found myself booking a night at One Avenue (1A) Express Hotel. And I just cant contain myself from loving it, to it’s interiors, and to the room arrangement, the people who work there, the food, the ambiance. Everything is just love!!

And I’m enumerating 5 reasons why I found so much love staying in the place.

1. The Room Feels and Smells Home

A good pillow makes a good sleep, and a good bedroom makes a good a stay, you know you love staying in a place where it feels a home to stay for. I love how everything is placed; the cabinets are neat and large enough for your things (some hotels I’ve stayed in don’t USUALLY have cabinets as huge as 1A’s), I also like the idea of putting up a study table specially for workers online who can not only stay and enjoy the night but also can stay and work through the night, what about a perfect sleep over during thesis nights?

Shout out to this guy on the bed, he somehow feels like he owns it. Hmmmm- feels and smells home.

2. My Friends Agrees with Number One

The picture says it all, with the booming of laughter and nonsense, even pointless stories, usually at 12:00 midnight. We surely had a fun night staying at 1A. Since the complimentary bedroom I had is good for 4, I decided to tap this two baes because I know we always look forward to catch up and not stay sober but acting sober through night.

3. They Welcome You With A Sumptuous Breakfast

Their breakfast is satisfying!! I must say it their breakfast meal with coffee and juice had what made my day just right. For my breakfast, I got myself their best tasting chicken paired with egg because I always eat heavy during breakfast. See me sporting out that perfect flatlay! Because you know the drill when it comes to good food!

4. Interior-rific

Morning that day I just took the advantage to roam around the fourth storey building and checked out the interior. And yes it was the bomb! You can spot chairs and paintings and figurines that will immediately take you on a somewhere out of the city- oh let’s talk about fancy hotels in the South! Ay?

5. Located Heart Of The City

What makes it perfect because 1 minute out from the hotel door you’re already a walking distance away from the gym, the mall- speaking of which, Ayala and SM CDO Downtown Premier, even Lim Ket Kai. This amazing place is just minutes away from all of CDO’s booming hangout places which makes it a very good venue to stay.

And that wraps everything! Up until now, I still couldn’t get hold of that very night at 1A, it’s one for the books, and speaking of books, not literally a novel book, but a book of your staycation at One Avenue Express Hotel soon. Yes? Yes!! Find them at booking apps of your choice or you may locate them at the details provided below.

Thank you 1A Express Hotel, couldn’t wait to be soon!

1A Express Hotel

Claro M. Recto Ave, Cagayan de Oro, Misamis Oriental

For inquiries, call or text 09176701239 or email us at

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