A Month Long Hiatus: How Are You?

I was almost at the edge of the line, of my line, not until when I realized that there’s so much more that this life has in store for me to just walk away and give up.

A month(S) long hiatus. What’s new? I didn’t won the lottery jackpot. Wonder Woman: The Movie was amazing but unfortunately I didn’t become one. My height’s still the same, I remember I dream one day waking up to becoming 5’8- I realize by morning then that how could even dreams be so mean? Also, I haven’t seen the movie Kita Kita which is a top hit, or was it out of 100 fish in the ocean I’m the only one tuna who haven’t watch it yet? Oh please-

I think nothing much have changed, I still deal with my personal stress every single day, I still breathe the same air, still pissed-off with city traffic, still on the go for #OOTDs which at the end of the day I end up not posting them. One thing I know for sure that had knock me off from my childish senses, is that whatever is going in my life right now, no matter how hard waking up in the morning feels, and no matter how every day is a struggle to live knowing what could there be waiting… or is there anything that’s still waiting? I think everything leave me no choice but to live life, even is sometimes life leaves you dumbfounded.

I come to see that life is the greatest battle we all have to scrabble and fight. With no guns and daggers, but with love and faith. Love to yourself and to everyone who hates, and faith to get through the toughest battles.

I’ve seen my self cry for so many times, for so many reasons, and I always… always… find myself standing up.

I’ve heard people’s voices, all the hate, the judgement and rejections- but do I owe the world an explanation? Do I owe you an explanation?

Someone told me “what they see is what they get”. Let them people talk, what’s new? Let them people get the chance to see what they ask, but never the let them see the chance of you on your knees breaking down.

but remember me as I say this, I’m still on my way whether there’s still waiting or there’s none.

A month long hiatus, a break, why not? Everyone deserves break more than kitkat.

How are you? Talk with me on the comment section below ?

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