What’s My Go-To Sandals?

Good shoes takes you to good places


That’s a famous quote we often hear… And I believe that it has always been proven right.  Shoes make and can break an outfit. You can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants but you add those sleek shoes then you’re done. Or you can wear something chic and casual then you pair it with mandals still make a fashion statement.

As a fashion-guru wearing the right pair of shoes is a must but also pairing inappropriate shoes can also be really intimidating. I’m not really the kind of person who’s picky about what pair of shoes to wear to mix up a great outfit, I always believe that whatever makes you comfortable then go for it. Remember, fashion is also about being comfortable with what you’re wearing. So whatever you feel like wearing then go for it… no one’s stopping you in your choice of what to wear.

I will be sharing with you two of my recent favorites sandals…

Mules have been dominating the fashion world, aside from it is comfortable to wear it also compliments any outfit – be it simple or casual.

This first mule is one of my recent purchase from Sheshe.ph. This is an inspired design from Gucci’s Princetown slippers. Since I couldn’t afford to buy designer’s shoes, so buying inspirations from local brands can do good for now. (laughing) But don’t get me wrong, this shoe is really an A+. I love how sleek this is from its soft leather to its sole.  Also, it compliments any outfit that I pair with it. Whether I’m going for skirts or going for pants. It looks effortless in every outfit.

So whenever I’m running late for an event, I just picked this mule from the rack then I’m off to go…


This second pair of mules is from Posh, a new homegrown brand from Cagayan de Oro. The store is displaying at Burgeon Concept, 2nd Level Ayala Centrio.

So when you have black mules, it’s also good to have a white one. This pointed sandals with tussled details mules are one of my many favorites from POSH’s collection. Because I am a fan of pointed shoes, it’s no wonder that it has become my go-to sandals either going on a casual day out or it could also be perfect for beach parties or beach events.


Tryn to be a cactus in a world full of delicate flowers. — 🌵🌻 #clozette

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People are going mad for mules these days. Because it’s comfy to wear and undoubtfully compliments any fashion outfit you pair with it.

Are you thinking of getting your pair of mules too? yes? Maybe? or super yes? Share it with me in the comments section below * wink *

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