A New Found Instagrammable Place at Camiguin Island

I have known the island of Camiguin for its ivory-white sand beaches, majestic falls, hot and cold springs, sanctuary and holy places to reminisce, active volcanoes and mountains so high… A perfect escape to the city buzz and hustle. Nothing but pure Isla life.

Among the many things that keep me from coming back to this island is that Camiguin gives you the feeling of home. Cool winds, fresh new air, amazing people, beaches that seems like paradise, adventures and simply a  quiet life listening to sea breeze and crickets humming at night.

Now, it’s not just those things anymore when I discovered this place called The Beehive Driftwood Cafe.  It’s one place who serves food and drinks with honey as their ingredient. You can drink your coffee sweetened with honey, and try other organic treats like the dragon fruit shake and a lot more.

But here’s the thing, I’ve seen a lot of places on the island… and it’s nice that each year it grows more beautiful and outlandish. Developments on other beautiful and new attractions, maintenance of the island, even new entertainment places like restos and cafes and pizza house. But I never heard of this place before not until we drove into a two-way road that says “Beehive Museum This Way”, I got curious cause I thought it would just be bees and jars of honey and nothing else, not until I went there myself to see how beautiful the actual place is. This one here is definitely one for the gram, it gives you the perfect aesthetics and a perfect view of the sunset.

Check these photos below…

I appreciate stores who put so much effort into the interiors of their cafes, you know, not just the normal chairs and tables and small decors like walls and frames. I like how other people have different taste and spelling of aesthetics. Beehive Cafe isn’t just all about bee photos and honey phrases, they have these vintage-like photos on their walls plus old cameras and old photos… no wonder why it’s also a museum. Actually, it’s one of the things that makes it outstanding, and I’ve never been to any place like this one in Camiguin.

Apart from the eccentric design of the cafe, they also have their bee farm in Mt. Hibok Hibok, it’s where they produce their honey and coffees organically. Though I wish to go there too, they said the place is famous for the name as Smoken Mountain- but we ran out of time to do so.

Here’s the view from the sea-front part of the cafe. It’s amazing how they make used of recycled wood, shells, rocks and turned it into a beautiful spot such as this one.

Meanwhile, this spot is my favorite. It gives me a hippie-bohemian vibe. What makes this spot more worth it because it gives you a perfect view to catch the perfect sun setting while of course sipping your tea, coffee, or in my case a cold mango shake.

That’s why if you’re planning a trip around the island, do drop by this place at Barangay Catibac, Catarman, Camiguin. 

Here are more photos taken during my short stay at the cafe… enjoy!


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2 thoughts on “A New Found Instagrammable Place at Camiguin Island

    1. This place is def worth it for a drop-by on your round trip, or in my case, I somehow wished I could stay longer in the cafe. Enjoy your trip Kaye! <3

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