About Kate

Kate Pauline Macarandan, Galagnara. 19 year old. Taking up Special Education in Mindanao University of Science and Technology.

I’m the sweetened-caffeinated girl behind those fashion-sense dream, who’s fun of nothing but dressing herself up and doing fashion out of the unfashion, she’s a make-up enthusiast wanna be who can’t just live out her day without putting her brows-on-fleek and slaying lipstick on, she’s into dancing and trying to feel like into singing too- that’s because my Mom is incredibly good at it so-, well, tell me to do dancesport and free style dancing, I’m gonna talk you out on the dancefloor. I love wandering to places, if only I could have all the expenses for it, I would travel everywhere I wanna go. But mainly, I love talking myself out, which leads me to blogging, to express myself in different ways, under the sun, or even just random thoughts in my bed-time.

So much for an intro, I started blogging since I was in my 2nd year highschool, it was then titled The Notebook of A Teen Dreaming, because basically it’s more of a personal blog of what-abouts and dramas in life. Later on, I decided I wanted to go into Fashion and Lifestyle, because I wanted to share more of things that I used to do and the things I consider in life, my views, my dreams, my passion.

Kate Pauline : Fashion and Lifestyle  is a personal blog which I author all by myself, this blog aims to share everything about me, not only that I also share good things happening in my city- Cagayan de Oro- all the events and happenings in place. I also aim to #supportlocal brands, whether be it clothing, beauty, or food in Cagayan de Oro and all over the Philippines.

What makes me go into blogging is the idea of sharing and reaching out to others, and mostly to inspire them in little ways such as spending an hour or so writing up here. Join me as I venture more of this unpredictable life! ciao-

When you find something that you really love, that’s when life become worthwhile.

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