Let Your Nails Do The Talking: April Nail Salon

  My nails has to be talking about the beach, the coconut palms, and the sunset. With that recent summer trip I had, I just couldn’t help but snatch some summer-ry design for my nail art, and I was amazed how April Nail Salon just painted my nails with my beach hangover. And the aftermath? I feel like I am in the island forever! April Nail Salon is located second floor at the Cagayan Town Center,located at Vicente Roa St.[Read more]

Naturally For Keeps, Sooper Beaute

We always wanted to go out looking naturally effortless, either you’re on your way to the beach, or just wanted to go out for a walk on the park, or stroll in the mall. That needs us to be make-up ready with the right beauty items, and that’s when I went Sooper Beaute. I love how its branding rhymes with “super beauty”, which I personally conclude what it meant, and being able to thoroughly proved that out, I made to test[Read more]

My K-Beauty Favorite; Rucy’s Vanity

The Korean trend is extremely flooding on my social media feed today, and when we say such; Korean cosmetics is on top of the list to have. And for that my newest korean cosmetic favorite is Rucy’s Vanity. *drom rolling* Make-up is definitely life, and choosing the best for our skin is a must, because we don’t want to buy make-ups that will only ruin our skin at the end; “no way” Just last week, Rucy’s Vanity sent me a[Read more]

Short Hair, Don’t Care + Tips Why You Need To Cut It Now

    I have been so stuck on whereabouts this past few weeks on school stuffs, requirements, and my usual lazy self. It is just now that I have finally see the glimpse of the break that I ought to have. And in that break, I decided to cut my hair short- although not shorter. I have always been fond of the long straightened hair, because people told me so that I won’t look good in short, and they also[Read more]

Secret To A Pimple Free Face

Take it from the best, take it from Organique! I know how a pimple love story started, it was those time you stay late at night trying to get your work done, or a long day in the road with exposure to dust, or those times when you have overdone your make up, and to more reason as to why pimples always get in the way. Believe me, I have been there,  I feel you… it only takes a matter of[Read more]