What’s My Go-To Sandals?

Good shoes takes you to good places   That’s a famous quote we often hear… And I believe that it has always been proven right.  Shoes make and can break an outfit. You can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants but you add those sleek shoes then you’re done. Or you can wear something chic and casual then you pair it with mandals still make a fashion statement. As a fashion-guru wearing the right pair of shoes is a[Read more]

Express Yourself with Your Wig Choices

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. It is winter time, and that means you have to enjoy the cold days. With that, you got to have extra protection and bundle yourself to stay warm. Wearing comfortable winter clothes, hats, gloves, and boots can help you stay warm whenever you are out working, shopping, or just simply doing errands. You can also wear extra protection for your hair by using wigs. Yes, any style of wig can help[Read more]

Spring Vibe | Fashion Factory

Recently this year I have posted a story about Fashion Factory on my blog- A shop who displays at Bur-geon Concept. (Click here) This summer, I have been able to collaborate with the brand and styled two spring-inspired outfits. Channeling my inner love for spring inspired outfits for someone who’s dreamy about Spring. When Spring comes, during April you will see more rain showers, and during May the flowers will start to bloom. Which always makes me think, who doesn’t[Read more]

The FACE, Search for the USTP Top Model

The blog’s gone a little bit hiatus, for a moment there were nights spent crawling to your bed with your books and days spent on solving one or two math puzzles. I mean to say Finals! But finally, I have been able to recover for such coma in two weeks. Now let’s fly back to my favorite event back in USTsP launching. Everybody set up their faces up, left and right for the astonishing glamour of the contestants. And I myself[Read more]

Lazy Office Fit

You always have to be ready, no matter what. I guess I have to really storm out good-lazy outfit like all the time, you never know when the star will shine down on you, always prepare then you’l always be ready. Here’s to friday and working the lazy soul in me. So since being in a group is not my thing (because i talk all the time), and staying home would just drive me to sleep (tend to get more[Read more]