A New Found Instagrammable Place at Camiguin Island

I have known the island of Camiguin for its ivory-white sand beaches, majestic falls, hot and cold springs, sanctuary and holy places to reminisce, active volcanoes and mountains so high… A perfect escape to the city buzz and hustle. Nothing but pure Isla life. Among the many things that keep me from coming back to this island is that Camiguin gives you the feeling of home. Cool winds, fresh new air, amazing people, beaches that seems like paradise, adventures and[Read more]

Five Reasons Why I love Staying In 1A Express Hotel

A two-month summer break wouldn’t have been complete without a staycation somewhere in or out of the city- as for me, staying out from the comfort of home even just for a day or two, made me feel like I am actually being independent. Specially for my nineteen year old self, I dreamed of sleeping on whatever time of the day, work my a*s off, no internet curfew, and no waking up at as early as 7:00 am. Don’t get[Read more]

Island Escape| #KateTravelDiaries

Island days, Island ways, surf, sand & sunny rays A perfect excuse to escape from the city’s stress, traffic, work, and whatever this unpredictable life has for us back home. It was what I love to call as “The Moana in me”, who doesn’t love Moana? And who doesn’t the love the island vibes? They say, every summer has a story. Mine’s definitely would mean the sound of crickets at night, the hush of waves, the bed-feeling of this beach[Read more]