12 Hour Stranded At USTP

3:00 in the afternoon. I was at the university gym, taking my midterm for my P.E. outside was the loud roaring of thunder and the steady pouring of rain. Surrounds me, were the number of students all soaked from traveling to building and to another building, it was fine though, it was just a normal rain in USTP. Or just so I thought. The rain didn’t stop just as the water rises up. And the lights went off, signal went[Read more]

Better Basics: Going Basic on a Date Night

Remember when there comes a point in time in our life where simply choosing an outfit on a date night, whether with friends or with a special someone, seems to be a stress to choose from various prints and style, going on from one to another until the 30-minute preparation becomes an hour and everything just fall into place and you become overdone, overdress? – oops! time to let go of those memories, because finally we could still be able[Read more]

Breathe Life In

Just in case you have forgotten, breathe… I always look forward to my next beach day out, where the sun meets an era of gray to sky blue pool of ocean, where the wind perfectly portrays a magnificent wave of bliss and ecstasy, where there your feet digs in on a mash of white sand with a disbelief of a cool soothing effect, where you could momentarily free your arms and exhale all the pavements. A lovely place to be,[Read more]

An Open Letter To The Girl Who Thinks She’s Not Pretty

    Here’s an 18 year old girl with thoughts reaching to the girl I always see passing by through me, who I know have been down all her life thinking she’s not pretty, the girl who have been told she isn’t good enough to be pretty, the girl who have been called “fat”, “skinny”, “dark”, “too white” and all other things to make her feel she is not pretty at all.  To the girl who have lost friends and trying to make up friends, simply[Read more]

Wave lenght: Kate Travel Diary, Cebu Dream

    “When life seems to have a lot of waves, live by the beach “That’s what I kept on telling myself, I got to breathe in the cool breeze the beach always has to offer, the scent of sun’s aroma, the sand dancing with the air. A doze of perfection for all at once.   A facade I am looking into is a rear-view of a thousand distance from home, a thousand distance from all the problems. A thousand[Read more]