Leave it or Love it?

For an outfit to be blog worthy or Instagram and Lookbook worthy doesn’t have to be New- and when I say new, like you just bought it from signature brand that costs a monthly postpaid bill or more than. – Sometimes, you just only have to look right at the realms of your closet and go over your old stuffs that pays a perfect outfit to slay the day. You love it at first sight, you can’t just leave it at[Read more]

Smart Project Airstrike Hits CDO With The Fastest Data Connectivity

  Internet, nowadays, has become the number one means of lifestyle among 90% out of a 100% of Cagayanon people who indulge themselves inside the realms of the internet. These mainly includes blogging, online working, gaming, live streaming, or simply connecting. But none of these things wouldn’t have been possible without a strong, reliable and fast going data connection in the city. With Smart- now the most fastest providing LTE connection in the country- anything inside the internet would all be[Read more]

Wave lenght: Kate Travel Diary, Cebu Dream

    “When life seems to have a lot of waves, live by the beach “That’s what I kept on telling myself, I got to breathe in the cool breeze the beach always has to offer, the scent of sun’s aroma, the sand dancing with the air. A doze of perfection for all at once.   A facade I am looking into is a rear-view of a thousand distance from home, a thousand distance from all the problems. A thousand[Read more]

Pete’s Patriots, The Filipino Gastropub

Pete’s Patriots The Filipino Gastropub  “I smell beer… wait! is that Krispy Pata?” “A night place… wait! breakfast and lunch?” “Manila lifestyle bar… wait! it is in Cagayan de Oro?”   Yes you got it right- Bar plus dinning house in one- Pete’s Patriots, The Filipino Gastropub restaurant located at Rosario Strip, Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City. It takes pride in their mouthwatering Filipino- American fusion cuisine showcasing their wide variety of dishes only for the Kagay-anons to experience. In Pete’s Patriots,[Read more]

Running Errands + The New Smartbro 4G Pocket WiFi

Shoes : Primadonna | skirt : Almost Famous Shop The Summer season troubles you enough for sudden and unexpected events to attend, meetup with barkada, and unplanned trips with a low signal on our phone data, wondering where we could find that WiFi signal on a place nearby just to update our social sites for our #ATM and #GROUFIE. Well, worry no more because Smartbro finally launches off their new product: Smartbro 4G pocket wifi for 888 – This pocket[Read more]