How I Edit My Instagram Feed

We’ve all been there, for the love of instagram feed. It’s either the aesthetics talking or the choice of hues displayed on your gallery post. In this blog story I will be sharing out some of my litany of edits and processes before uploading a certain photo on Instagram- and I’m going to tell you, it’s going to eat up some of your time, just like with mine. 1.¬†Take A Desired Photo This photo is taken on a Nikon D3000[Read more]

Let Your Nails Do The Talking: April Nail Salon

  My nails has to be talking about the beach, the coconut palms, and the sunset. With that recent summer trip I had, I just couldn’t help but snatch some summer-ry design for my nail art, and I was amazed how April Nail Salon just painted my nails with my beach hangover. And the aftermath? I feel like I am in the island forever! April Nail Salon is located second floor at the Cagayan Town Center,located at Vicente Roa St.[Read more]

Island Escape| #KateTravelDiaries

Island days, Island ways, surf, sand & sunny rays A perfect excuse to escape from the city’s stress, traffic, work, and whatever this unpredictable life has for us back home. It was what I love to call as “The Moana in me”, who doesn’t love Moana? And who doesn’t the love the island vibes? They say, every summer has a story. Mine’s definitely would mean the sound of crickets at night, the hush of waves, the bed-feeling of this beach[Read more]

The FACE, Search for the USTP Top Model

The blog’s gone a little bit hiatus, for a moment there were nights spent crawling to your bed with your books and days spent on solving one or two math puzzles. I mean to say Finals! But finally, I have been able to recover for such coma in two weeks. Now let’s fly back to my favorite event back in USTsP launching. Everybody set up their faces up, left and right for the astonishing¬†glamour of the contestants. And I myself[Read more]

Lazy Office Fit

You always have to be ready, no matter what. I guess I have to really storm out good-lazy outfit like all the time, you never know when the star will shine down on you, always prepare then you’l always be ready. Here’s to friday and working the lazy soul in me. So since being in a group is not my thing (because i talk all the time), and staying home would just drive me to sleep (tend to get more[Read more]