Lay it Flat, and Snap

“Items that are photographed from above and arranged so that viewers can see everything at once invite the eye to wander to each singular piece while also admiring the aesthetic as a whole.” – #flatlay trend is one of the most take instagrammers been doing, and I myself is one of those who does that. Laying your outfit details flat because no one could take a decent of you for the day? or laying all the daily essentials to[Read more]

Colors and Sweets

It’s not bad to finish all four macarons and a slice of Macha cheesecake by yourself, my heels didn’t went bad and my dress wasn’t ripped Since I am so thrilled to experience another cafe in Cagayan de Oro for the first time, I decided to went out in shades of summer, that’s then my galaxy jumpsuit I got from Mags Ph, which has a story from behind, because it no longer has small size on it, I decided to[Read more]

Naturally For Keeps, Sooper Beaute

We always wanted to go out looking naturally effortless, either you’re on your way to the beach, or just wanted to go out for a walk on the park, or stroll in the mall. That needs us to be make-up ready with the right beauty items, and that’s when I went Sooper Beaute. I love how its branding rhymes with “super beauty”, which I personally conclude what it meant, and being able to thoroughly proved that out, I made to test[Read more]

Just Got Nineteenth | First Giveaway

I just turned 19th! Down to my last year of being a teenager. Who else would have thought that the once little girl finally saw herself blossomed into something, into someone she never have thought of becoming, and maybe that’s how awesome life gets, that’s one the most magical things life brings, and that it could take you to places you never have thought you would be in. Woah! it’s a one-hell-of-a-ride, and I’m finally, finally at the staircase to reaching[Read more]

Fresh Nudes

Should someone say, Nude is the new sexy? I just can’t get enough of nude color pieces, and I think this sexy carter top from Better Basics tops the list of my favorites. Either you’re out on a sweet coffee date with friends or on the wing of the night party, nudes will definitely be our best friend. For this look, I went out looking for sunshine with my nude heels on, and a classic black choker. Simple but it[Read more]