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Not Your Cup of Tea: Dealing With Rejections and Stress

I guess we can all relate to having the same drive of the negative pull of energy when dealing with rejections. Either about work, relationships, or career.

It feels as if we are stuck on a loop on finding ourselves.

Some people say they’re in a life crisis. Finding jobs, starting careers and then getting rejections, starting back from scratch over and over. It feels exhausting to hold on to something we’re unsure. Is this career really for me? Am I going to excel in this field?

And the list goes on…

I know, and I’ve been on the same boat too. I have been rejected too, and just like you, I am also unsure of what I want to do in life—my love for writing, my creative juice, or finish school, or shift to a different course and start over again.

Just like you, I feel exhausted too.

I sometimes wonder what would my life have been, how would my life turned out if I was better on this field or that talent, or have been wiser and witty.

Along the way, my rants and anxieties lead me to a realization in life that everything is not our cup of tea. So instead of lashing out my rants about getting rejected, losing opportunities and jobs, here’s what I did…

Knowing When to Rest

We all need a break and takes time to realize that we all do. When you feel like everything is exhausting, take a few hours to rest. You can work out, watch a movie, order food delivery, take a good nap, or call someone you wanted to talk with.

What I realize is that I need to have the time to rest so that my work won’t drain me, and so that I wouldn’t drain my creative juices too. I must admit, there are days where I feel like I can’t write better articles for my client, I can’t work at my best— and that is fine.

It just means that you need to take rest.

Social Media Reset

Social media has its negative and positive sides, and sometimes the news adds up to our stress.

You read a meme saying “Trabaho kay Pobre ta (Don’t stop working because we’re poor)” isn’t very motivating. It doesn’t make sense in a positive way for me, and it feels as if I needed to work for the money— not for my productivity.

So take a couple of time to do a social media reset, avoid reading posts on Facebook, or you can unfollow people who seemed toxic on social media. For me, it was the best thing to do, especially during this Pandemic, I feel like I only need to read from positive individuals.

Talk to Someone

I would rather work independently, away from distractions and having not to talk or mini-chat with someone. But when work is already draining and stressing, there are days where I randomly call a friend and talk with them (and I can still have the focus to write through that, by the way).

We all have our unique ways to cope up with stress and rejections. One of the best things I did is to talk it out with a friend. Some people feel like sharing their personal stress, and that’s okay. Some people also want someone to talk to, and that’s okay too.

Either way, having someone to talk to and them being open and available to you means everything.

Shout out: fortunate to have these kinds of people in my life. People who knew that I could be vocal sometimes, but still have the willingness to listen to me. People who listen without having the need to judge me.

You guys know who you are.

Get Some Fresh Air

I know this isn’t something that’s best to recommend during the pandemic, but getting a fresh air doesn’t entirely mean going out for a beach trip.

I was lucky to live in a neighbourhood where I can enjoy the sea breeze or an amazing open field outside. So I know how exhausting it must be living in an urbanized city. But hey don’t worry—- you can lit your scented candle, turn on good some good and refreshing music, or you can even find a new place to work at your room or house.

Today I don’t feel like working in a four-cornered room, so I’m going to work on the side of the house where there’s sunlight. Or if you want to work under a tree outside your home, seems fictitious, but who cares if it uplifts your mood right?

Remind Yourself of Your Purpose

Never forget to remind yourself why you’re doing this. We live to have goals in life, because if we don’t have, what are we here for?

I’m sure we’re not living just to maintain a good Instagram feed, we live for more than that.

Sometimes when work is draining you, it’s stressing plus rejections, we tend to lose our focus, and we tend to forget out purposes.

It’s best always to remember to remind yourself of the things that matters and put your focus on it.

Hey, don’t drown yourself because you were rejected. It is okay. Sometimes we need rejections for us to learn and to realize that not all things are our cup of tea. Some people are meant for that; we didn’t just meet our tea yet.

But despite all that, remember to be always grateful because you are making progress. Like what I used to say, no matter how little it may be, it is still progress.

That’s it for today!
We have unique and different ways to cope up with stress and rejections. If you have effective ways to deal with the same thing, share it with me on the comments section below so people can read and learn too!

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