Amazing Health Benefits of Tablea: My All-Time Favorite Sikwate

Benefits of Tablea

If we can name one favorite drink, that would be ‘sikwate’—a Pinoy favorite chocolate drink made from Tablea.

Thinking of sikwate gave me a lot of memories with my grandma. I remember her never missing a sikwate for breakfast and in the late night’s stories before going to bed. She’s even the best in making our favorite “champorado” especially when we’re feeling the under the weather, or just a typical rainy day when you want to sit in the balcony.

I guess we can all relate; we all have our stories of sikwate and tablea. Either your grandma’s, your mom’s, or a special loved one.

But did you know that more than the happy stories sikwates can give us, it also has proven to have a lot of amazing health benefits? Today, I’m sharing some of the benefits of Tablea/Cacao, also known as our traditional Filipino chocolate.

Relieves Stress

We all can relate to how any kind of sweet help relieves stress and uplifts positive energy. While that remains true, however, drinking a cup sikwate in the morning can help you relax, maintain a sense of calm and combats stress.

If you have the same amount of energy waking up to the smell of coffee, you can also have twice the energy when drinking Sikwate.

If you want to have a bitter taste to your sikwate, you can control the amount of sugar and milk to it. I like it when I can still taste the bitter taste of the tablea, it gives me the right “oomph” to kickstart my day.

Aids in Weight Loss

When people think of chocolate, they immediately think it has a high amount of sugar that may cause fattening. This is not entirely true. At least not Tablea— it actually has little amount of sugar and moderately low in calories.

With tablea, you can absolutely enjoy a healthier drink without having to deal with unwanted side effects. Plus, it surprisingly adds to your diet, so you would no longer worry about hitting the gym after one cup of hot tablea drink or sikwate.

Improves Bone Health

Tablea also helps in improving your bones and lets you have healthier teeth. This is because cacao is endowed with calcium, magnesium, and manganese. Consuming enough calcium daily can prevent severe bone fractures, build strength in weak bones, and improve dental health.

It’s amazing how taking a cup of Tablea daily lets you enjoy these benefits in the long run. This is why how my Lola has brightening energy back then; it was because of her favorite Sikwate.

Restores and Improves

Don’t just invest in expensive skincare products, if you’re not drinking and taking healthy skin-restoring drinks, it would still be of no use.

This may sound cliche, but Tablea actually has a high amount of cellular repairing agents such as magnesium, fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamin C that rejuvenates your skin. A study posted in the Nutrition Journal showed that daily use of tablea (raw cacao) decreased the appearance of sunspots, improved the skin’s elasticity and hydration levels. By this means, it’s no wonder why many people who love Tablea enjoy glowing and healthier skin.

Enhances Your Heart’s Health

Your daily cup of Tablea drink may also save you from possible heart diseases. Flavanols are the primary health component found in raw cacao, and it has been linked to multiple health benefits, including the ones that improve your heart’s health.

Flavanols present in Cacao or Tablea contributes to:

  • Cardiovascular health,
  • The elasticity of arteries, and
  • Healthy blood circulation.

A cup of table drink is an easy way to get your flavanol fix and support your heart health as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Makes You Happier

I feel happier whenever there’s a cup of hot tablea on the table. I don’t mind waking up at 6 am (cause I’m no longer a morning person) as long as there’s sikwate or champorado for breakfast.

Basically, Tablea’s multiple nutritional benefits directly affect the mood centers within the brain, which explain why it easily uplifts your mood.

It makes me happier in a way that there’s so much to memories that cling to sikwate. I always think of my Lola whenever there’s a sikwate on the table. We all have our happy drink, and if it’s not coffee, it’s definitely sikwate.

Where Can You Buy Tablea

Tablea-based products are widely available and can be found at grocery or specialty stores. But nothing can really compare to the ones that are made and grind with love.

Balbino Tablea is one of the local tablea brands in Cagayan de Oro. Proudly homemade out from 100% pure Tablea. 

I used to go from one tablea brand to another, my mom’s usually picky when it comes to tablea brands. It’s incredible how she can immediately find out whether it’s made out of pure Tablea or not. This is also why we always prefer local brands.

If you want to get that Tablea fixed today and enjoy numerous health benefits such as those mentioned, you can go directly to Balbino Tablea on their Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

Here are some amazing photos from Balbino Tablea

What do you think of this post? Share with me your Tablea/sikwate experience at the comments section below!

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