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Coffee Drip Bags: My New Choice!

If there’s one thing I can never say no to, that is coffee!

The invigorating smell of coffee aroma, the heavenly bitter taste, and the effect on my fast beating heart is an indulgence that I can never say no to. 

If, like most of us, coffee is also a part of your daily routine, then you may not have considered the pros and cons of using paper filters versus metal filters in making your favorite cuppa coffee at home. (Don’t get me wrong, I just discovered this recently too!)

I’ve recently heard a trend from a group of coffee lovers about drip coffee. At first, I was really stunned by how one cup of sachet coffee filter is enough to make your favorite espresso, yep no machine used! 

Is that even possible?

Indeed, coffee trends are doing wonders. With that, I’m gonna share with you a few tips I’ve learned about using drip coffee and its benefits.

Coffee Drip is Good for the Heart Health

We already know that coffee is great for the heart. (obviously, I hate to say, but it’s only good to your average coffee tolerance, or else you’ll get palpitations.) 

While caffeine is beneficial to the heart, long term use of metal filters creates an added risk of cardiovascular pathologies, especially when the coffee is decaffeinated.

In paper filters, such as coffee drip bags, cafestol is almost entirely absorbed by the paper. Essentially, we can say that paper filters mean better heart health.

It’s Easier to Clean the Mess

Did I just say mess? If you’re someone like me who struggles with cleaning the coffee maker after use, or at times, spilling over coffee grinds everywhere, then you totally need a coffee drip for a cleaner change!

With such convenience that coffee dripping bags has, it’s basically just using it and lose it, and it makes clean-up a piece of cake. Of course, you can also enjoy a slow time sipping your cup of coffee without bothering to clean up the counter after.

Drip Bags are Good for the Earth

This is one of the best things about coffee drip bags— it’s biodegradable. It’s a guilt-free drink, plus it’s healthy.

All the while, you can argue that single-use paper filters aren’t as beneficial to the environment as reusable metal filters. However, most of the local brands today are using biodegradable drip bags.

After drinking, throw them straight into the compost pile, or top it off with some soil and watch your little seedlings grow.

Where to Get Drip Coffee, Locally?

When I first find out about Daily Ground Brew, I knew I have to give it a try. It’s a homegrown coffee brand in Cagayan de Oro that sells cold brew and drip coffee for a reasonably affordable price. It’s Cagay-anon pride that really catches my side of being a coffee addict. 

If you’d ask me, my most favorite is the Butterscotch flavor, which is also their best seller flavor. But it’s undeniable that even their strongest flavored brew tastes just amazing too! Every flavor is indeed worth a try.
If you wanna know about Daily Ground Brew, follow them on their social media links here. Daily Ground Brew Facebook. @dailygroundbrewcdo on Instagram.

Have you tried a local brand coffee drip bags too? If you have share it with me in the comments section below! If you want to read more posts like this, don’t forget to hit the like button and share it on your Facebook and IG accounts!

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