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Things I Love About the 2021 CBTL Giving Journal

Let’s be clear, the year 2020 has drastically affected our lives and plans without a warning button. Shouldn’t we have asked for a fair warning?

But just like they say, often the good ones leave us with battle scars; we have to go through the rough first, so we can enjoy greatness. I would be honest, this year has put me on the downside, but despite having to worry about what life has got me with— I choose to put on a brave mask. 2020 might be harsh, but it has also opened me to many good opportunities, especially with work and career.

That’s why despite all that, I am still thrilled to welcome the next year with a set of new end goal(s) in mind. Since I am also someone who always need a notebook and a pen with me, I make sure I have a journal that I can write with everything. 

The 2021 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf giving journal is indeed a game-changer. If you are someone who has been going out and collecting stamps lately at your favorite cafe, then you’re probably here for a reason: to check out why you need a CBTL planner for 2021.

Luckily, I’m going to spill some of the journal’s details and the reasons I would choose CBTL giving journal for the year 2021.


Obviously, the design is worth it! What I really like about the giving journal is that it’s giving me a minimalist vibe. If you look back on previous designs in the past years, since 2020, CBTL has been going to a sleek yet simple design.

It also has a soft leather finish that’s giving your planner a classic touch. It also has the sleekest colors that come in quartz pink, teal, and the one I got in purple.

I would wish to get the pink one, but I guess the universe is telling me that I’m bound to get purple. Anyway, I googled that purple represents royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. So I guess that is what the universe is telling me.

It’s Really a Personal Planner

It’s really personal to the next level. The first thing that I love about the planner is that I can customize it to my liking. I would no longer want a planner forcing me to write on days where I feel not doing anything. I get OCD whenever I see a blank page on my planner or check on months where I have done lesser activities.

The year 2020 is a lesson too, there were months this year where we have to pause and cancel many plans, going-outs, and travels. There was once that I dumbfoundedly stared at my 2020 planner, wondering when I could finally start my goals again.

Wooh. The 2021 CBTL giving journal gives me a different kind of freedom to choose when to start and what to write on its dotted blank pages. (don’t worry, it has cool stickers that you can scrapbook it with!)

Check out journal unboxing on my Instagram TV here!

Gives Inspiration

What I would want in an ideal 2021 planner is something that can inspire me to write. Whether it’s a plan for the weekend or writing for my personal reflections or work to-do’s needs jotting down. With the 2021 CBTL giving journal, every page is filled with affirmations, inspirational & motivational quotes— because we need it.

In dire times, yes, we need these words. I no longer have to open a page on my book just to have the energy to start writing what I want and need to write. The CBTL journal knows exactly what you would need to get things started.

Limited edition CBTL tumbler in dust blue

It’s a Journal With a Purpose

The CBTL journal also has photos of wonderful spots in the Philippines, people and communities, and activities that Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf has been supporting since 2011.

With this planner, it motivates and encourages you to give back to communities and help— even in the simplest ways. And by seeing these photos, you also feel like you’re actually part of CBTL’s giving community.

You Can Also Redeem a Limited Edition Tumbler!

Don’t forget about that flask! Since 2020, CBTL has added on their limited edition tumblers for the collectible. So this time, your planner also has to go with a tumbler.

I love how these tumblers are a go-to necessity for all your either cold or hot drinks. I personally love bringing tumblers, especially when it’s crucial to bring a handy water bottle everywhere you go. Also, you get a discount if you’re going to buy a drink using your tumbler as a container. So you’re not only going to a sustainable lifestyle but you also save a few pennies that you can definitely add to the donation box.

How to Get a Limited Edition Tumbler and CBTL Giving Journal?

3n1 Ready Coffee | Americano Ready to Drink | Viennese Ground Coffee

You can start redeeming either a giving journal for 12 stamps or the limited edition tumblers for 18 stamps at any CBTL stores nationwide until January 17, 2021. Or you can also purchase the giving journal for the price of P1999.

Check out The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf’s website for the full mechanics.

Don’t forget to check out their coffee grounds, ready to drink coffee and other goodies when you visit the store. Do find CBTL stores in Cagayan de Oro, it’s located at LKKS drive, SM Downtown Premier, and Centrio Ayala. See you there!

Have you started collecting for the stamps? Share it with us know in the comments section below. If you want to read more posts like this, don’t forget to hit the like button and share it on your Facebook and IG accounts!

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