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NÉW Lounge: Newest Lash Haven in Cagayan de Oro

Despite the incongruous effect of this Pandemic paradigm, asking for beautiful long lashes wouldn’t be that cruel, eh?

I hark back at the old good days, pre-covid, where visiting lash salons were one of my de-stressing hobbies. I love looking at myself in the mirror in the early morning, having those sophisticated long lashes. It helps me feel good about myself—because we deserve it more than ever.

My shift from an on-the-go to now a stay-at-home changed my usual self-pampering habits. I couldn’t even pay myself a visit to the salon for practical reasons: it’s covid. 

But, today, I said to myself, why not? After all, you owe yourself a good day to pamper and prep yourself. Thankfully, I got an exclusive invite to NÉW Lounge’s Cagayan De Oro branch to celebrate lash doll day. And since that day, I am claiming New Lounge is my new lash haven!

To share with you my experience, I am writing a quick review of my whole experience with the newest lash salon in the city. *insert lash blinking here*

Safer & COVID Wise Pampering 

At NÉW Lounge, it is safety first. Before I enter the salon, the staff helped me suit the PPE they provided, which I will be wearing throughout my session. Bags are placed inside eco-bags, and phones are inside a ziplock. Essentially, you can’t use your phone the whole time but don’t worry. You can ask your lash technician to assist in taking beautiful photos of you after the session.

Apart from that, the place is clean and very tidy too. Not just that I feel safer around wearing a PPE, the technicians are also very covid conscious in the entire session. Before we even started the session, my technician showed me her lab test certificate of a negative result swab test.

High Quality Service

Aside from their health security measures, one thing that I can vouch them for is their high quality service. That being said, it also means high-quality lashes you’re dying to get to.

NÉW Lounge is also known to be one of the go-to salons for most celebrities, so it’s more likely that you also get to experience that celebrity-like feels after wearing their sleek and alluring lashes. Apart from that, did you know that NÉW Lounge actually represents their services in N (nails), E (eyelash), and W (wellness), that explains why they’re called after NÉW Lounge. It sounds just right, you’ve got a one-stop salon for almost everything you might be needing of!

Real Hair Lash Extensions

There was a reason why celebrities are going crazy after NEW Lounge, and this was the reason why— their lashes feel like my own lashes, but more better! Plus, the next good thing is, they don’t feel heavy at all. LIKE AT ALL! 

I could conclude that next to high-quality service is the assurance of getting effortless and long-lasting lashes that— the best compared to anything I’ve ever experienced. Have you seen Heart Evangelista’s lashes? Yep— you’re right; they were from NÉW Lounge.

It’s the Evident Change, For Me

The after-session is what really is for me— evidently and effortless. Imagine not having to put on Mascara every time you go out, or worst putting on those heavy falsies. Guess what, you’ve just been spared from your beauty dilemma!

So it got me wondering, now that they are in Cagayan de Oro, how come Cagayanon lash dolls are sleeping before trying this service? I’ll tell you, hun, you’ve got to try them now!


Overall experience, it’s definitely a service not like the other. I’m saying bye bye to mascara and eyelash curler!

If you wanted to know what I’m talking about, you can head on to NÉW Lounge CDO, at the first door, the second floor of VCL Tower 1 just beside SM Uptown. Make sure to do follow NÉW Lounge in their Facebook and Instagram accounts and book your appointments ahead of time.

Here are more NÉW Lounge CDO photos you can enjoy!

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