How to Find a Job Online That You Love

So you’ve been at home throughout the whole pandemic, and you got kickass skills, and you want to monetize it by looking for a job online that resonates with you?

No worries — that’s something I can help you with!

I remember 4 years back, when I first started my first freelancing job online, I applied for 5-10 jobs a day, send CV’s to different people, brands and companies, write a flawless application letter, and asked a few friends who’s been online to help me find a job. I was just like you, who’s eager to land a job and start earning.

I got the skills, got the time (ample and enough), and got the laptop, so I just need to find a job. 

But what’s so hard about that?

First Thing First

Don’t overwhelm yourself. Landing a job online isn’t and wouldn’t be easy. It’s not as if you just have to send an application telling them you qualify, and then the next day, you get a phone call that you’re hired. At first, I thought it would be that easy.

But a month has passed, and then next, and then a couple more — I still didn’t have a job. Not until 4 months later, I got the email that changed my career forever.

I won’t claim that gaining these jobs is all sunshine and rainbows — you’ll probably have to work a little before getting one and spend some time teaching yourself some skills, but for an entry-level internet job, they aren’t too difficult to get into.

So this is what I want to impart to all of you who are reading this — finding a job online isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to start finding one. With my tips, I’ll help you not land a job easily, but to help you sort job posts, establish yourself, and find a job that resonates with you and that fits right for your skills.

Let’s start with….

1 What Can You Do?

Finding a job online must start with knowing what YOU CAN DO, and what YOU CAN OFFER TO THE TABLE. Don’t just apply for the sake of having a job, but apply because you have something to offer — you’ve got the skill.

You also need to know that companies are expanding their presence online, either you wanted to work as a social media manager, a writer, or an executive assistant, so be it. But you need to understand that you also need to put value to what you can do by first acknowledging what you want to do. 

Are you good with admin tasks? Do you have the teaching skills for online tutors? Or do you think you have the potential to do marketing work?

Don’t go vague with the idea of being a Virtual Assistant (VA), or by just doing simple work like tagging, liking, and commenting — because that’s not how online jobs work, and that’s not how you will land a fantastic job for you. Go back to your skills, and get to know yourself. What do you want to be?

2 Build Your Profile

I’m talking about your resume, your application letter, and your online presence. It doesn’t have to be flawless, no-memes included Facebook account. 

We have LinkedIn, wherein you can develop your professional account and engage with businesses, brands, and online workers alike. It’s a networking channel where you can network with people and find jobs.

So start building that profile today, add your skills, share relevant posts and insightful stuff and start rolling in like the absolute rockstar you are. 

3 One Pager Resume is a Game-Changer

Believe me or not, no one’s going to read your 3-long page resume. No one’s interested whether you’re the president of a college student organization. If that reference does not fit your skills for the job, then there’s no point in mentioning one.

Ever since I started applying for jobs online, I only use a one-pager resume. I keep all of the important stuff in under one viewing. That includes the skills I can do, my personal information, my recent work experience, and a 2 sentence long summary of what I can offer.

Simple as that. Nothing grand. You have to be straight to the point as much as possible. 

Tip: You can use templates on Canva for resumes that you can edit for free.

online job kate

4 Go to Job Boards

And this is how it begins — apply apply apply.

But before that, you also have to know that there are a couple of websites that you can go to find jobs. Personally, I used  (like ever since), and Upwork, and we also have Linkedin. You can also find jobs by joining Facebook Groups by searching “Freelancers” online. 

But what I highly suggest is for you to create a profile on, provide IDs, do tests, input your skills, create a really unique summary of what you do and just start applying for jobs.

You can actually choose if you want to work as a part-timer, full-time, or as a freelancer.

5 Be Open to Learn a Skill

Never be afraid to go beyond your comfort zone.

“As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.” -Robin S. Sharma

I would have never known what I can do if I never let go of my fears. If I didn’t allow myself to grow outside of my bubble. Looking back, I remembered working as a ghostwriter for an internet marketing agency earning 200$ a month. Today, I’m working as a Marketing Specialist & copywriter and a part-time blogger and was able to help a few people and friends land jobs, I was also able to invest and afford in game-changer work tools and now earning fivefold of my first salary years back. And I am happy, grateful, and eager even to grow more, be it in my career and financially!

Bottom line, you just have to be open to learning and growing — even if it means leaving your old tedious job or by just simply going out and above your comfort zone. If I could do it, then it’s never too late for you to start too.

That’s it. If you find this blog helpful, don’t forget to share them on your social media and tag me! If you have tips to share, I would love to hear all of them in the comments below!

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