23 Realizations at Twenty Three

If I were to sum up the last 23 years, everything would be totally different. It has brought me a lot of realizations, it brought me closer to myself, and it also allows me to be grateful despite every challenge, heartbreak, and downfall that seemed to be constant the last years.

So as I officially become a twenty year older this 2021, I wanted to start acknowledging EVERYTHING that has helped me become who I am today.

Things I Love About the 2021 CBTL Giving Journal

That’s why despite all that, I am still thrilled to welcome the next year with a set of new end goal(s) in mind. Since I am also someone who always need a notebook and a pen with me, I make sure I have a journal that I can write with everything.

The 2021 Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf giving journal is indeed a game-changer. If you are someone who has been going out and collecting stamps lately at your favorite cafe, then you’re probably here for a reason: to check out why you need a CBTL planner for 2021.

How I Practice Self Care in the New Norm

I could still remember, on the last of December 2019, I told myself, “2020 is going to be a great year”. Several months have passed, and 2020 turned out to be the exact opposite of what we’ve all expected.

Despite all the negativities, COVID19 opened me to a lot of realizations— it also enabled me to truly connect with myself. I learned to practice self-care in the new normal. Below, I have shared some tips I find helpful when things start feeling tough.