I help businesses and organizations create astounding and marketing-friendly content across internet channels.


Kate Pauline: Freelance Online Writer

I create unique, astounding, and originally written content for businesses and organizations across internet channels. I believe that there’s power in words and influence in one’s imaginations and creativity, and it is my great privilege to give people the content that could transform businesses and provide value to their services.

My Blogging Journey

Writing has been my ultimate safe zone when I was very young. I joined journalism organizations and had the opportunity to be coached by like-minded professionals.

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Years later, I pursued my blogging career and joined local organizations (CDO Bloggers net.) and work with bloggers and media people who have influenced me to pursue online writing and monetized it. I continued to grow as a blogger/writer.

Creative Writer

2 years later I decided to leave personal blogging and work exclusively for clients. I had my first job at IM Consultant Services and worked as one of the ghostwriters for Mike Marko’s blog (IM Consultant Services). Since it’s an internet marketing consultancy business, I have been able to learn internet marketing, blogging and social media marketing while I work for them. 

After a year, I applied and got hired for other companies in the US and continued working as a creative writer. 

Junior Copywriter

After several years of working as a writer, I applied for a copywriter job at Stackedsite, an Australian based company. My first copywriter career started. I have created marketing copies for several niches already— eg. Lawyer’s niche, businesses, leisure and activites, interior designing, and a lot more.

Marketing Specialist

At mid 2020, despite the surge of Pandemic in our place, I was able to land a full time job at Staffing Venture Capital an M&A company, and started working as a Content Writer. I was able to work for multiple staffing healthcare brands under the company. I was later then promoted as a Marketing Specialist and have worked alongside with training, and design and admin people to ensure the marketing efforts, both internal and external, are aligned and according to the business' branding.

Content Manager

This year, I was able to work with an amazing team of Digital Marketing experts at Reset Design Group. Working with the company has allowed me to handle and grow the social media presence of clients in the US. I also handle the content copy and website blogs for the company, allowing me to work at my best.

Work With Kate

With my extensive background in online writing, I decided to open an online website for people and clients to get to know me and the art I have been doing since.

It is my ultimate passion to create content that gives value to businesses and their services. I understand the demands of online marketing and I have extensive knowledge in creating marketing and SEO-friendly content.

Work with me today and let’s grow your business through content marketing.