Hi, it’s Kate Pauline!

I’m Kate Pauline, 20ish, standing 5’ish, a young single mommy, a blogger, an online freelancer and a self-proclaimed fashionista.

I started blogging way back 2011— I blog about life dramas, poems and short stories and featuristic articles.

Five years later, in 2016, I switch to fashion and lifestyle blogs. I didn’t have so much focus on blogging back then, and I believe that I never really understand how blogging works. For me, I just wanted to create an online diary and share it to the world— and sometimes my world means myself alone.

This year 2020, I decided that I wanted to rebrand. A lot of things happened in the last three years since I left blogging. I became more focus on growing myself, my parenting life, my work, and learning more about how this industry work.

I’ve realized that I wanted to be part of an environment that inspires people, help businesses and share a work of art in the internet world. I just can’t leave blogging, it has been a part of me since I was young, and it has always been my safe space.

Join me, as I embark on another adventure of sharing life experiences, tips, helping businesses market and to continually grow as a young mom and an enthusiast.

I am Kate Pauline, and this is my take on life, motherhood, style and everything in between!